Welcome to my new website!  I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a personal website since late 2007, when my new college commitments made it impossible to continue spending time working on another web project I started in high school, a political community site called PeacefulAssembly.org.

After several months thinking up what I’d like the site to look like, and then a couple weeks of piddling with HTML, CSS, and PHP script, I’ve finally got something that I can live with putting live.  There’re still plenty of bugs and design issues that I need to take care of, but I think I have something that is, for now, at least half-way functional.

I should warn you that what you’re looking at now is an experiment.  Since around June of 2009, I’ve been looking for an outlet to release ideas about faith, politics, Christian living, and other topics of personal interest.  I hope this site will serve that purpose, but even more importantly, I hope that it will serve as a motivation to encourage me to write.  I’ve found that writing helps me to translate jumbles of thoughts and ideas into more connected and coherent concepts.  In other words, I’ll be using this site to better organise my thoughts and better sort out what it is that I really believe.  This is, essentially, an experiment in self-improvement, with God’s help.

For more, check out the About page.  Stay tuned for new posts and more content as time goes on.

About me

J. Adam Craig
Bridgewater, Virginia

Currently a junior at Bridgewater College, I am majoring in History & Political Science with a minor in Computer Information Systems. I also work part time, remotely and on-site, for Pamplin Historical Park as their Education and Information Technology Assistant.

My other activities include studying God's Word, listening to Southern Gospel music, playing the piano, studying history and politics, experimenting with technology, and of course, spending time with family and friends -- all to the glory of God! (more...)