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I know this blog, over the last three posts, at least, has been a place of fairly “deep” theological thinking, and I’ll get back to that, but I want to post something rather casual here today.  I’ve written before about my dear friends, the Lansings.  One of the great things about knowing them is seeing them work towards self-sufficiency, or something I prefer to call “God-sufficiency.”  Essentially, it is the intention of keeping God’s consistent commandment throughout the Bible that man should work with his hands, and learning to make use of the resources God built into creation to sustain life.  The problem is that the world, in all its sin, has built cities and industry to exploit those resources, eventually resulting in a man who is more dependent on industrialism and the world than on God, seeking financial gain and millionaire status — the almighty “American dream” — instead of eternal riches in Heaven, “where neither the moth nor canker corrupteth, and where thieves neither dig through nor steal” (Matthew 6:20).

So my friends, the Lansings, in working towards this simple, God-sufficient life, have started selling natural products through their home business, Days of Old Herb Farm.  Emily Lansing makes soap, which I have been purchasing and using since last August.  Several weeks ago, I discovered that she also made shampoo.  My curiosity peaked, I bought a bar.  Yes, it comes in bar form! (more…)

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