Fellowship & the Workings of Providence

The last couple of weeks have brought great blessings from the Holy Spirit.  Let me share some of them with you.

Several weeks ago, I made contact with the Lansings, who I’ve mentioned in several of my previous posts, for Christian accountability.  I won’t write about specifics here, but one suggestion that I was given was that my presence on Facebook seems to have been a loophole for Satan in my life.  I responded by voluntarily turning over my password to be reset by my friend Ben, who agreed not to let me back into Facebook until he felt comfortable that my presence there would bless God.

What has been incredible about my absence from Facebook has been that it has not only honored God by making it more difficult for Satan to succeed in tempting me in the one area, but it has also kept him out of a number of other areas of sin in my life that I was not even fully aware of when I was on Facebook before — but now they are exposed and Satan has been set on the run.  The other great thing about taking a Facebook sabbatical is that I have learned how much time I had been spending there before.  While certainly not all the time spent there could be considered time in service to the flesh, it is certainly true that a significant portion of it was.  It has been nice to have the time freed up for study of the Word, Park projects, and yes, even some academic work.

Those of you who have been following my postings here also know that, when away from college, I attend house church.  I’ve been noticing over the last year that, when I am away from that close community of fellowship when I’m attending college, despite the fact that I have been active in a local institutional church, my spirit yearns for more.  So, again on the advice of my friend, Ben Lansing, I contacted Steve Atkerson, president of the New Testament Reformation Fellowship (NTRF), which provides materials to those who are considering experiencing the New Testament format of worship, and asked if he was aware of any local fellowship groups in the Bridgewater / Harrisonburg area.

Steve responded and informed me that he did, indeed, have some contacts in the area, and that he would be happy to forward along my contact information to them with my permission.  Granting it, it surprised me that in just a few short hours, I had an email awaiting me in my inbox from Jeff Fisher.  Jeff informed me that he’d received my message from Steve, and that my timing was “in the Spirit,” because the fellowship group he hosts in his home once a month was meeting the very next day!  Excited, I rearranged my schedule to free up the following evening, and couldn’t wait to attend the meeting.

And so, at 6:30pm this evening, I pulled into the driveway of a Harrisonburg barber for my first Valley fellowship experience.  I met Jeff, his wife, and her parents, as well as the other families in the group.  The format of the meeting was much the same of what I was already familiar: beginning with a full meal and proceeding to time of sharing in the Word.  Around 8:30 Jeff drew the meeting to a close, but assured everyone that they were welcome to remain and fellowship with one another for longer, if they chose.

The workings and timings of God are incredible.  Not only has He been teaching me to give Him more faithful and obedient service in my absence from Facebook, but He also brought me into fellowship with a great group of folks here in the Valley — and did it within 24 hours of their meeting.  How awesome is this God we serve.  Even through the most simple of things, through all trials, struggles, and even easy times, our God truly works all things for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28).  Let Him be praised and glorified through the grateful obedience of His servants!

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